Managing Healthcare Resources

This unit was actually interesting to me.  I haven’t had much experience focusing on the budget side of healthcare, so this really opened my eyes. 

In my team’s discussion this week, it was clear that we all agreed where cost cuts needed to happen; however, it was hard to think of cutting staffing when we know how it is as a floor nurse.  We don’t want to become burned out, and we know this can happen without proper staffing.

It was interesting to see the financial perspective of this.  I don’t usually think about company budget, but it is crucial to do so in order to keep the organization functioning well.  Without a well-functioned organization, it might eventually shut down, which defeats the purpose of providing care to patients.  

In my current practice, I will utilize this information by being more aware of the supplies I use and how I use them.  I will also pay attention to the areas in which my manager requests we be more careful in.

I hope to be a better team player and help my company stay within budget without cutting down on quality patient care.  There definitely is a balance.

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