Future of Nursing

For this unit we watched Dr. Gonzales’ presentation about the Future of Nursing.  I actually really enjoyed listening to this.  I felt like it was inspiring to hear where we, as a nursing profession, are currently and the direction we are heading.  It was inspiring to listen to the presented goals and the attainability of these goals.  

The team discussion helped me to put my thoughts about the lecture into words.  I realized that, yes, I do agree with the direction of nursing and I do believe the goals are attainable!  It of course will take time, but we are already heading in the right direction!  Each team member agreed with the direction of nursing and the goals.  From the discussion, we were all able to build on our initial opinions.

Toward the end of Dr Gonzales’ presentation, she talked about how each of us, as nurses, could play our part in reaching the goals be being life-long learners, encouraging other nurses to do the same, encouraging ourselves and others to reach higher degrees of education, and being more involved in the healthcare organizations for which we work.  I want to make it a conscious effort to play my part!  It also plan to make goals of furthering my education.  I hope to go on after my BSN and make sure I am utilizing my full potential as a team player on my health care team.

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