Career Development and Staffing

I realized the importance of developing a career plan, or having an ultimate career goal.  Talking about my career goals with my team helped me put my thoughts in writing and think about yearly goals to reach my ultimate goal.  I also took away from this unit the importance of effective scheduling on a nursing unit.  I have had good experiences with staffing, and so it was interesting to read about the different experiences my team members have had.  

Poor scheduling techniques can lead to nurses quitting because of burnout or not knowing their schedule far enough in advance.  My team came to the consensus that self scheduling is very beneficial.  It helps the nurse be responsible for their schedule and avoids having to pay someone else to have to work on the schedule.  

I get to make my own schedule as a hospice nurse, and I love it.  Of course, I need to be available Monday through Friday 8-5, but I have so much say as to when I see my patients.  Looking into the future, I hope to remember my good experiences and others’ bad experiences with scheduling.  I hope if I am in a leadership position, I will try my best to make a staffing technique that gives the nurses autonomy in making their schedule.  

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