Managing Change

Throughout this unit, I learned more about myself and how I deal with change.  I really enjoyed the video, “Who Moved My Cheese.”  I related myself most to Haw.  I initially hesitate with change, but I eventually try to understand the purpose for the change and adapt accordingly.  In the team discussion, all of us said we mostly identify with Haw.  It was interesting to read the reasons as to why they saw themselves as Haw.

In the lecture, I learned about how necessary change is.  Without change, there isn’t growth.  People get too comfortable and limit their progression toward more success, whether it is in a job or their personal life.

Going back to the video, “Who Moved My Cheese,” I like how this story demonstrates different personality tendencies.  What stuck out to me most were the “writings on the wall.”  I learned that change can really be a good thing and there is so much growth that results from adapting to change.

I want to make sure to always try and be more adaptable to change, especially in my nursing career.  I think the best application will be for me to learn to always expect change.  Nothing ever stays the same, and if I can always anticipate change, I think I will be able to more easily adapt and reap the benefits of change!

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