Conflict Resolution and Collective Bargaining

Something that stuck out to me was the importance of effective communication.  In order to resolve conflict, communication has to be involved.  Not just any communication, but assertive communication can be more beneficial.  From the movie, The Guardian, I learned that letting conflict build up rather than addressing it promptly only makes things. worse!  Being able to talk with those who are involved in the conflict, try to understand all points of view, and trying to relate and come up with the best resolution together can likely lead to closer relationships in a workplace, too!

It was interesting to read the posts my teammates posted about collective bargaining.  We were supposed to be an advocate for the employees and negotiate with the employer.  Some chose to negotiate a little in a lot of different categories, whereas other chose to focus on just one or two items to negotiate.  It makes me wonder which goes over better in the real world?

The biggest takeaway for me was the assertive communication. Some times I tend to let things fester that are bothering me about how something is done at work.  I hope I can try to use assertive communication and express how I’m feeling. I bet I would come to understand the reasons behind certain work processes  better and learn to be more ok with it.  Open communication is key!

I think this also goes for when I might be a nursing leader in the future, too.  If leaders sense conflict between employees, perhaps they can approach them and encourage them all to discuss the situation face to face and seek to find a resolution.  

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