This unit was quite applicable to my work situation right now.  One of the articles for this unit suggested providing continued education courses to she employees they are valued and that the company cares about their continued education.  Then this week, my supervisor informed that the administration was not allowing the company to pay for employees to attend conferences and things anymore.  I was quite surprised, and honestly let down.  I always appreciated this perk of the company, and for them to take it away didn’t help motivate me in my work setting.  This experience helped me realize how important it is to ensure that employees are motivated.  Not only does it encourage employees to stay with the company, but it also helps them perform to their best abilities rather than slacking off.

For the team discussion this week, we were supposed to come up with 7 ways to try and motivate employees and keep them engaged with the unit and not quit.  One of the 7 we decided was providing continued education opportunities, which I liked.  A lot of us brought up outside activities to promote positive work relationships between coworkers.  Another common one suggested was to give personalized notes/awards to individuals who deserve recognition. 

The biggest takeaway for me is that when I am in leadership positions, I hope to do my best to keep employees motivated.  Though it might take a little extra effort on my part, it will not only keep employees around but it will keep them working at their best abilities which will consequently benefit the organization I work for.  

I think motivation of employees is crucial.  I’ve worked for places where employees lose interest, become frustrated, start gossiping rather than directly communicating, and it leads to people quitting and not working at their best level.  I’ve also worked for placed that do a great job keeping employees engaged and it helps the whole unit succeed.  I hope to help my company feel encouraged to find ways to stay motivated in providing optimal care to our patients. This is what healthcare is all about, right?

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