Risk Management & Legal Responsibilities

I enjoyed listening to the presentation given by Karie Minaga-Miya. It was beneficial to hear from a Risk Manger directly on this topic.  It kept me interested.  Before this lecture, I knew just the bare minimum about risk management, honestly.  Now I have a better understanding of what risk management is involved in on a constant basis and when organizations reach out to involve risk management for case reviews.  I also like the refresher about how to chart about incidents and to not mention that an incident report was filed.  This unit was a good reminder to me to keep me on my toes and make sure I am following all procedures and protocols completely to protect myself when events happen.

The team activity this week was for each team member to write how they would respond to a certain case scenario if we were the nurse leader on the unit.  This was a helpful activity for me.  It helped me think how I would actually respond if I were the leader.  In my post, and the posts of my team members, we found ourselves trying our best to be supportive of our staff in the incident.  I think this is likely true in many situations.  As a nurse leader, we want to protect our staff but we also want to review cases and look for needs of new/revised protocols and procedures to constantly strive to provide the best quality of care and protect our staff.

I hope to be able to use this information about risk management and legal responsibilities in my nursing practice-not only to protect myself in my career, but to also provide the best quality of care to my patients.  Procedures and protocols are set in place to not only keep us safe in our jobs, but to also limit the amount of event/incidents that occur for our patients.  In addition to this, I hope to remember the importance of risk management as a leader as I might be in this role some day. 

Overall, the presentation and team activity this week was helpful to me.  I know more about risk management and understand the relation between both risk management, nurses, and nurse leaders.  I think some times the involvement of risk management can seem scary and intimidating to the unit’s staff members, but after listening Karie talk, she really is on our side and trying to help healthcare improve overall.

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