Wrap Up

I learned a lot about Leadership in Nursing from this course.  At times, I thought the group assignments were a nuisance, but in the end they were some of the assignments I learned the most from.  I think it was good to have so many team assignments, because leadership is all about working as a […]


This unit was quite applicable to my work situation right now.  One of the articles for this unit suggested providing continued education courses to she employees they are valued and that the company cares about their continued education.  Then this week, my supervisor informed that the administration was not allowing the company to pay for […]

Conflict Resolution and Collective Bargaining

Something that stuck out to me was the importance of effective communication.  In order to resolve conflict, communication has to be involved.  Not just any communication, but assertive communication can be more beneficial.  From the movie, The Guardian, I learned that letting conflict build up rather than addressing it promptly only makes things. worse!  Being […]